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question for UT_DENTS_Class of 2010

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After reading some of your posts I can tell you are very familiar and highly informed about the dental school admission process. This question might be annoying..but I trust your judgement so I'm going to ask you anyways..lol


I'm currently in my 4th year (i will be doing a 5th year because I still have not taken biochem and organic chem). My first two years were around 3.45 (not good), my third year 3.84 and at the rate i'm going now I think i can pull of another 3.8+ this year (hopefully). You mentioned that if I take a extra year then uoft will take my last 4 years (in my case that's true because my first year was the lowest) and I know that for western they'll probably take my 3rd or 4th year or my 4th and 5th year as my top 2 years. I plan to write the DAT in Februrary. What I'm trying to get at is what do you think my chances are of getting into Uoft and Western? My judgment is that I'll probably have a better chance at Western because my top two years will sit around 3.8 and my chances for uoft will be lower (around 3.7 GPA). But it would be great to get some feedback from someone who is already in dental school and is familiar with the admissions process


thanks in advance,


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Hi Wisdomtooth,



Well, ur 3rd year has shown that you drastically improved and that you are very focused on your academics. This in itself will stand out to the admission committee, and if your 4th year goes just as well your in good shape. Now back to the stats of UofT, admission has given an average GPA of "3.83" for the 2010 admitting class. This is a normal distribution which means that almost half of the class is below it. Personally I know quite a few people in our class who did a 5th year because their first two years did not turn out that well, because they were persistant and followed through w/ their dream they are now here, so dont give up ur hopes. Another fact is that there are quite a few people in our class with GPA's ranging from 3.70-3.76, with 1 or 2 people who slotted in at 3.69 ish as well. What made the difference between these individuals and those who didnt get in (3.8ish people) was the interview. So as long as you have 3.7+ and rock the DAT, at the interview peocess it's any buddy game.


As well, I think some folks before me have posted that there were people in the past class at Toronto who had hideous first few years (2.0-3.1????) of undergrad but had stellar records like urs in 3rd, 4th, 5th year so they wrote into admissions and explained their circumstances. I know people say "it won't help u and nobody does that", but honestly, I do feel that admissions does look into your trend and they will certainly consider exogenous factors as well. So reflecting to your GPA, I feel u still have a very decent chance at Toronto, I really do think the chance is there, just work hard next 2 years and grab it! And as stated, Western looks at ur best 2 years, again with a great DAT score ur chances are as good as any 1.


And lastly, I know u hit ur 4th year, and this message applies for everyone else applying to dental school as well. Please take as many easy courses as you can, take courses where u know u'll get a good grade, because honestly in the end besides the preq's, all that matters is how u finished in those courses wether the course was in Abstract Math or Music. I'm always glad to help, please ask any questions you want, I'll try to answer your question as best as I could. Good luck and I hope u'll be applying soon :) .


And yes, in ur case Toronto will consider ur 2nd-4th year marks if you apply in ur 5th year.


That UT guy :)

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