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Hospital... Hours?

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Hi Jocelyn,

It totally depends on the rotation. I can comment on what I've been doing so far in 3rd year and what my friends are reporting...


My inpatient peds had me at the hospital doing 11 hour days (7am-6pm) on non-call days, and 28-32 hour days for on-call days (7am-whenever your work is done). Then I would have 1 day off on the weekend (occasionally 2 days off - depended on the call schedule). Now for outpatient peds - pretty slack, but depends on the rotation. My latest was working 8-4 or 9-5 with no call - so the year varies a lot depending on what you are doing.


Some rotations may have home call and not be busy at all; others like inpatient peds, obs/gyn; internal etc means you're lucky to get 2 hrs of sleep in. It really depends on the site and the service!


Hope this is helpful.


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