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Anyone studying in UK right now?

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Im a Canadian studying med in the UK (2nd year). Unfortunately, the interviews are not conducted over the telephone so you have to fly there. If you get more than one interview make sure you try to schedule them all at around the same time so you dont have to come back again. The interviews are less stressful than canadian interviews, I would say, having interviewed at both.


Good luck,


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Hey there everyone,


If you're wondering about graduate entry medical programmes in the UK (ones that you do after a bachelor's degree and that last 4 years), I've been going through the whole process. It's a bit difficult and time consuming, but I've scored a couple interviews in March.


A good web resource is http://www.newmediamedicine.com. Go to the forum and you'll see lots of international students wanting to apply in the UK.


Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.



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