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When do we receive interview offers?

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Hi there,


I remember when I asked them sometimes in August why they have moved the application deadline a month earlier and whether the interviews will also be offered erlier; they said that they are receiving increasingly greater number of applications and they need more time to process all the applications on time; therefore, they said, interviews will be offered and scheduled just as usual.


Let's hope they had enough time and have processed everything and are ready to move on with interviews.



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you are correct that the earlier application deadline is to compensate for the increased number of applicants. last year (apparently) they nearly didn't finish on time. so it will likely be end-ish january, alas, when interviews are offered.


sigh...the wait is excruciating.


on the glass-half-full side, perhaps they will serendipitously finish them earlier than anticipated, and offer interviews accordingly!!!





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