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RE: surgical fellowships

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Out of curiosity, how does one go about applying for a surgical fellowship? Is the process similar to CaRMS?

Hi there,


Yes, it's a similar rigmaroll, i.e., CV, application & interviews, but generally involving a whole lot fewer applicants.




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Many fellowships involve a match, but it depends on the fellowship. Colorectal and MIS certainly have a match (it's a north american match administrated by the same people that do the american residnecy match). If you go to their website then you can get the stats and details. However, not all programs participate in the match and some only half participate (the programs start out in the match, then withdraw from the match and contact the applicants outside the match). It's all quite confusing to be honest.


Usually you have to contact the individual programs that you're interested in and ask how to apply.

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