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Not so fluent in French

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Hello HP18,


Hard to say if your french is sufficent, but if you're from Ontario, you can't apply to Laval, Montreal or Sherbrooke. They won't even read your file (They only admit students from provinces who have an agreement with the Quebec government). If you have a Quebec resident status, then no problem.

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That's right, you cannot apply to a francophone school if the province you're from doesn't have an agreement with Quebec.


If you're eligible, then I believe you would be required to submit to a french test to which the sufficient passing grade is pretty high.


Also, most of the material is obviously in english (except notes and other booklets produced by the students or the faculty) so you wouldn't have any problem there.


Exams must be written in french so your marks could suffer from a so-so french.

Interaction in small groups and mostly PBL sessions would also be difficult since you are required to speak french.

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