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Does accepting an offer remove you from the waitlist?

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This may have already been answered, but I couldn't find anything in a search.


I know that if you have two offers and you accept one, your offer at the other school expires, which makes sense; you can't hold a spot at two different medical schools. But does the same hold true for the waitlist? If you have one offer to a school that you're less enthusiastic about attending, and are on the waitlist for your number one school, does accepting the offer mean giving up your spot on the waitlist?


It would seem to me that if that were true, the idea of a waitlist wouldn't make much sense. But I have a feeling it is true, in which case that sucks. Any insight?

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When you get accepted to a medical school in Ontario, you will receive a form called "Response to an Ontario Medical School offer of Admission." So, if you get accepted at only one school, you will get one form, but if have more than one acceptance then you get more than one form.


In this form you have three choices:

1- Firmly accept the offer, which means that all other offers/waitlists will be cancelled

2-Provisionally accept the offer. This is what you want to do if you have an offer of admission, but still want to be considered by other school giving the fact that you are on their waitlist. The only problem is that there is a deadline for provisional acceptance and after that deadline, the acceptance become firm. This mean you have to hear back from the medical school that wait-listed you before that deadline.

3- The last option is to decline the offer.


I hope that helps.



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That was very helpful, thank you. I didn't realize that the acceptances were also so highly coordinated by OMSAS.


So do you (or anyone else) know if Ontario schools send offers to waitlisted people before the provisional-firm date if they get people declining offers right from the outset?

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Any idea how long an applicant can hold an admission which is confirmed in ontario and at a non-ontario school? I heard there is some sort of nationwide clearing house that happens late summer but I don't know for sure. So in theory an applicant could pay a deposit in ontario and at MUN for example and decide late summer....any input would be appreciated.

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"nationwide clearing house" in the late summer?


hmm...it's interesting u bring that up M777...because that's the exact situation i'm in...i'm just wondering what would happen if I end up on a waitlist for the ontario schools...and how long i can wait for a possible acceptance :confused:


any info would be really appreciated! :)

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Last year, provisional acceptances become firm after July 3rd. However, this year, it looks like that OMSAS changed the deadline to June 8th. This mean people on the waitlist could hear 3 weeks earlier than last year, because people who are accepted in one school and waitlisted in another will automatically be confirmed at one school, but lose their waitlist status at the other school after June 8th. As a result, there will be a movement in the waitlist and whoever is next on the waitlist will get an offer of admission.


Based on the new OMSAS deadline for provisional acceptance, I think the probably of getting accepted from the waitlist is the best in late May and early June. However, I heard some people get offer of admission in late August or even during O-week.


Ten more days…The wait is almost over!


Good luck everyone.



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i'm pretty sure these are the only two schools that care. You can read through the OMSAS handbook for the current application cycle... and just to correct what's been posted here, june 15th not the 8th is what is quoted in that handbook as the date when provisional acceptances become firm.

here's the official line:


Final Transcripts

At the end of the academic year, if you are still being

considered for admission and if you are currently attending

university, arrange with your Registrar’s Office to forward a

copy of your final transcript directly to OMSAS. You should

obtain a copy of your final transcript for your records and verify

its accuracy. Those applying only to McMaster University will be

requested to submit final transcripts directly, if required.

Applicants to The University of Western Ontario who fail to

forward a transcript to OMSAS will be disqualified. A transcript

of the current year’s December results is not required unless it

is your final term. Please note that applicants who attend

Ontario universities must use the TRF to order final

transcripts. It can be downloaded as of early May at


Please note that the deadline for receipt of final transcripts is

June 29, 2007. Receipt of the TRF by this date does not

satisfy the deadline requirement.


so maybe you do have to submit regardless of which schools you're still being considered for? but the fact that a disqualification is only mentioned for western suggests to me that there is little consequence if you get into UofT per se, and don't tell them what you got this year. Having said that, i'd reccomend sending in one of those forms regardless (unless you've been rejected pre-interview... which begs the question why you're still on these boards obsessing with us :P)


EDIT: and if you check that link, the PDF has been posted, but the website also claims that most schools will send a TRF form with offers of admission.

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