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French Stream Stats ?

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Generally, it's considerably easier to get in the french stream (unless you happen to be from Quebec, in which case I don't know if it's easier, if so it's not by that much). The difference is bigger if you happen to be from outside of Quebec & Ontario, because you can apply through CNFS. Still, I think it's quite easier to get in the french stream even if you are from ontario.


I don't have specific stats, sorry, I'm sure someone does, and I'm pretty sure last yr's stats were posted somewhere in the ottawa thread.

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This topic has been covered before, so look in past threads.


Basically, since there are fewer applicants to the French stream, they don`t have to weed as many people out so the min wGPA for them to look at your app is lower. So that is basically how it helps. The wGPA cutoff is also lower if you are anglo from Ottawa...so if your GPA is your concern then consider that Ottawa uses a number of different wGPA cutoffs - don't know where you are from.


The ratio of interviewees to spots I believe is the same.


The waitlist on the franco side doesn`t tend to move, so you need to get in on the first round of offers. Basically the people that apply to the franco stream tend to accept cause they want to do it in French. The anglo waitlist is a different story because there are several other anglo med school's to pick from.


It is hard to say which is easier or harder. There are people who apply to the French program one year, don`t get in, and then get accepted to the anglo the following year. And there are people who don't get accepted to the anglo one year and get accepted to the franco later.


I'd just apply to which ever program you actually want to do.


Good luck

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