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Percentages to AQ

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Hello all,


I am a BC resident, going to UWO - currently in 2nd year, looking to apply next year. Firstly, when determining your AQ, does UBC simply just look at your percentages, or are they first transfered to your respective OMSAS GPA then to a percent? In other words, will UBC simply take my percents, and use them as is?


thanks so much

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They use percentages.


60% of your AQ mark is your overall GPA

40% of your AQ mark is your last 60 credits (2 full years) GPA


How the marks actually make up the non-linear curve that is the AQ, I am unsure, but I heard that if you have an 86% or higher you have a 25/25.


AQ makes up 50% of the application pre-interview

NAQ makes up the other 50%... based on volunteer experience, work experience, and essay.


Hope that helps.

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