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I was wondering if anyone had information on how competitive it was for a military member to get consideration as an MMTP applicant.


I was a reservist for 4 yrs and am now finishing my master's in medical physics at McGill. Stat's are decent but not super competitive and if I don't get in this year I was thinking about re-enlisting / taking a commission in order to become eligible to apply as an MMTP applicant next year.


Stats are 3.57 undergrad GPA, 3.85 grad GPA, 39Q MCAT. quebec resident. Military record with lots of courses including PLQ but no deployments.


Anyone have any ideas?

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I *heard* that schools generally reserve 1-5 spaces for military paid applicants depending on demand and if you're applying from the military medical training plan, you're generally competing against only a handful of people (usually less than 10 at most). There was a post on the studentdoctor.net forums under the canadian section about it. Search the archives and you should be able to find something.

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My main question was if anyone else who is currently in the military has any ideas about administrative road blocks, etc. and how these would affect the application, and how much your military record affects selection. Most schools have pretty clear info about the spots they offer, but I'm curious about the experiences of anyone who has taken this route.

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In case you haven't seen LCol Russell's MMTP Hot Tips package, here's the quick version.


MMTP is the Forces' plan to address the lack of physicians in the CF. There are two different parts to the process:


1. Get accepted for sponsored studies (the relatively easy part).

2. Get accepted in Med School (the hard part).


Part 1 - MMTP: Used to be only for Reg force pers, has been expanded to include reservists and NCM (as seen in your ref) . Like any good military career program, you complete the application paperwork, justify why you'd make a good candidate, get your CO to write you a good letter of recommendation and hope you get in.


Note: This part used to be easy, but it is getting more and more competitive. We went from 2-3 MMTP starts year in the 90's, to 8 starts in 2002, 13 in 2004 and 22 last year. There actually might be a waiting list for MMTP sponsorship offers this year. The selection board looks for leadership, initiative, communication skills, devotion...same thing as for the promotion. PLQ is good, but you'll be up against reg force officers who topped their Pathfinder, US Ranger or Staff College course. Getting your commission will help, but first you truly have to want to lead. Don't do it just for MMTP, the troops will see right through you.


Part 2 - Getting into Med School. The Forces buy a couple of extra seats at some schools (Dal, Ottawa U, Laval, Montréal and Sherbrooke). Here's how it works: you have to meet the minimum requirements (ie, the cutoffs) and go through the interview process. At this point, you're either accepted, waitlisted or rejected. If you're accepted, congrats. If you're rejected, too bad, the CF can't do anything for you. If you're on the waiting list, the Forces will "pay" the school to train you. If no one meets the cutoffs that year, the seats go empty.


The main thing to remember is that the Forces seats are not a bypass to the Med school admissions process. You still have to earn your spot on the waitlist. The main advantages are as follows:


Ottawa U: Slightly lower GPA requirements.

DAL: MMTPs are considered "maritime applicants" Min for interview GPA 3.3, min MCAT:24.

Laval, Sherbrooke, Montreal: You are considered a "Québécois" applicant (ah oui, il faut aussi parler francais...)


Once you're in, the CF owns you for the next 12 years (Med School, residence and 6 years mandatory service). Expect postings, exercises and operational tours. It's great if you like it, really painful if you don't. Oh, and be upfront with your significant other about the fact that you very well might be posted to Shilo or Wainwright. We have job security, but not job stability.


There's also the MOTP program as an option. Slightly different concept: first you get into Med School, then you apply for sponsorship at the recruiting centre.


Your stats look good (better than mine, actually), so best of luck and let me know if you need more info.

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Here at UBC all the military folk have done the MOTP route (there are about 5 of them) - I'm thinking of applying - six years of getting paid during school and then 4 years owed service sounds nice to me. Those that had previous military experience said it was a no-brainer for them, especially with the nice hours, no overhead, and the pension - the moving around the streamlining to be a Famliy Doc, and getting placed somewhere like ColdWater Alberta was hard for some, but there is always that option of specializing after.

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getting placed somewhere like ColdWater Alberta was hard for some, but there is always that option of specializing after.


If you mean Cold Lake, AB, then at least you have the CF-18's to keep you company. In my books that's a big plus. Double plus if you can snag a ride along.


We have one person in my class who is MOTP. She used to be a reservist prior to it.

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