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A little positive message...

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Hey guys,


With all the snarky posts that tend to appear as the rejection letters percolate through the Canada Post system, I just wanted to offer a little positive advice.


Coming from someone with multiple applications before being accepted, who is now just finishing the CaRMS circuit, remember that all these fabulous achievements you have now continue to help you on the road to your final destination. Volunteering at a hospital for one term is a great start, but if you love it, stay involved over time, take over recruitment, or training, and work your way up the ranks until you run that program... not to get into medical school, but because you love it. Join a Uni sports team in your first year of undergraduate, start coaching, and then you'll find yourself on committees, and finally the president of the team in your last year. Again, not to get into medical school, but because you enjoy it.


These things don't end when you get into medical school -- you can stay involved as block reps, running docs hockey, or playing in the Spring Gala. And as you prepare your CaRMS application (it's 5 times longer than a med school application), you'll have this rich history of experiences to draw on.


There is no magic formula to getting in. You don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar or Olympic athlete (though those people are in medical school too), but need to show a high level of commitment, responsibility, and respect in all venues of your life. Entitlement and lack of self-reflection are not a good mix in medicine.


Good luck to those that have interviews, and try again (and again!) to those that did not get an interview this year. Have as many people as possible read and then re-read your application, and really evaluate what you do and why you do it. Medicine (and the application process!) is a tough job, but hugely rewarding, so good luck and don't give up!




UBC Medicine, Year 4

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