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GPA Cut-Off

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Hypothetical scenario,

If a student has finished 3 years of their undergrad with the following grades:

1st year: 2.0GPA

2nd year: 2.0GPA

3rd year: 4.0GPA


Would they remain competitive in their admissions? Is the score given for your GPA to make the cut off based only on the year itself or is that just for the cut off and your score is based on your overall GPA?


To explain, would the 4.0 just be to make the cut of and then they would consider your overall GPA and then rank you amongst other students. Or would you get a perfect score on your GPA because that was the year they took into consideration? Thanks

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The 25% allocated for GPA in your final score for admission is determined by your best year. It's safe to assume with your scenario you would get a perfect score in that department from them with the 4.0 in year 3.


You do, however, need two years above the cutoff to be granted admission.

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