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The GPA Blues

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I'm sure you've heard this before, but here it goes.


I am about to finish the second year of my undergraduate studies, and am interested in medical school. Unfortunately, I haven't done well these past two years. No deep dark reason, I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do and didn't feel particularly passionate about anything (until recently). I juggled majors a bit, from English to Psych, and am now considering a doubler major in Psych/Bio.


So far, my GPA is as follows.


1st year: 2.92 (eek, I know).

2nd year: 3.3 (slightly better)


So far that comes out to about 3.1.


I'm confident I can do better in the future. I have a drive to work that I haven't had since...ever. But I know these grades will haunt me.


So I want your honest opinions...do I have a chance at medical school? I plan on staying for an extra year (I'll need to if I change into the double major), and will likely apply at the end of that year.


I take full responsibility for my lackluster performance to this point. I just want to ask you, is it salvageable? Or should I give up and try something else?


Thank you in advance.

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Many Universities drop your lowest year (i.e. U of A) or only consider your best 2 years (I think either U of S or U of M or even both do this). You're more or less screwed for Uni's that don't.


It is salvageable, and very much so depending on where you're from. What province?

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I'm from Ontario. I'm considering Western (two best years I think? And if I apply in 5th that will not include either of these), Queens, Ottawa (might have to apply at the end of 5th year...) or Mac (I meet the cutoff, but just barely). I'm pretty sure UofT is out of the question though.


Can you tell I've done my homework =P? I've been spending more time than is healthy calculating GPAs/checking requirement/stressing. Seems like an uphill battle.

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