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Plastics vs. Ortho

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Hey guys,


I'm aware of other threads that may have covered this, however I'd like to hear some new perspective.


Specifically, what are the bread and butter cases that each specialty deals with? For the sake of argument, assume we are referring to a trauma/reconstructive plastic surgeon and a general orthopod.


Can anyone provide examples of procedures each would perform over the course of a week?


Additionally, can anyone provide some feedback on advantages/challenges experienced by each specialty after residency? Do both experience OR time waitlists to the same degree?



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Hand surgery. Lots of overlap.


As an orthopod, doing hands is great. The surgeries are done in a sitting position, performed as day-surgeries, often only local anesthesia is required (no OR, no anesthetist), and you can make up for the smaller remuneration by volume of cases/day.


Orthopaedics is a high profile specialty in BC now because of the emphasis on reducing TKR and THR waitlists. I was in the interior of BC and they were flying orthopods down to UBC Hospital to perform cases down there, because of an "abundance" of OR time (unheard of in specialties like ENT and urology) in the new UBC hospital day surgery centre.

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