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To Madz, regarding U of T transcript

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Madz, thanks for answering many of our questions. I just have a few more (:D ):


1) When we send in our transcript along with the transcript request form, do you know if it's courier? I was wondering how long it takes to reach AAMC?


2) Did you send two? Or is one okay?


3) We enter our letter grades and 0.5, 1 FCE not 6 or 3 credits, correct?


4) For the letters of reference, if our refs mail them, all they need to include in the envelope is the letter of reference? Nothing else, no evaluation form?


5) Would you consider being complete in mid August as late?



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I'm not Madz, but...


4) Use Interfolio for LORs. Your referees send one letter + a special barcode form to Interfolio. They scan it into their computer system. You then instruct Interfolio to send it to any school you want (whether electronically or regular mail) and it only costs $5. It's brilliant.

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1) Sorry, it's been a while since I applied - I just used ROSI and submitted transcripts through there the usual way. No courier, nothing special. Was there a transcript request form for AMCAS? I can't remember that...I think it'll take 1-2 weeks at most. Sometimes there is a back log of information coming into AMCAS so it may take some time for them to confirm they have your transcript. Send in your transcript as soon as it is complete to avoid delays.


2) I only sent one. I sent a second one upon completion of my 4th year to show that I had received my degree.


3) Yeah, just copy your transcript exactly. 0.5/1.0 FCE. I called AMCAS when I applied and that's what they told me to do.


4) For references, there is no evaluation form for US schools - just the letter. Either provide them with pre-addressed and stamped envelopes for all the schools you are applying to OR do what Kenneth suggested and use interfolio.com. Interfolio is much easier to coordinate - I didn't know about it when I was applying and ended up organizing my reference letters the hard way.


5) Yes, mid-August is late! I still remember, I submitted my AMCAS August 2nd and it took 3 weeks for it to be reviewed. It was too late! I highly suggest being completed by the end of June at the LATEST!

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