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Anything you don't like about Mac?

Guest KJ

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I am having trouble deciding between UofT and Mac and I was wondering if people could share what they don't like about Mac.. So far, I can only seem to focus on the highlights of each school, so I really need some honest opinions about what people don't like about the school/curriculum/campus, etc. Thanks for your help :)

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Guest MDWannabe

This is not an answer in the form you are asking for, but it might help. Think of it in terms of the flipside of the qualities of each school.


Do you like lectures? A more formal learning learning approach? More focus on the sciences? Then go to U of T.


Can you handle the intrigue and inherent frustration associated with self directed learning? Are you a self starter? Do you love group work? Are you capable of honest self evaluation? Are you prepared to be a self starter when it comes to working on your deficiencies? Then Mac is the place to be, in my opinion.

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