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Thanks for the input on both sugical route and internal medicine;


For the internal medicine route, does that mean one would be matched for "hematology/oncology" and then if they would like to specialize say in breast cancer do that after as a fellowship? Similarly, for surgery, would one do "general surgery" the do say a specific cancer type fellowship?

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If you want to do medical oncology, that is separate from hematology (they are both different subspecialties through internal medicine). However, if you go through the pediatrics route, then hematology/oncology is one subspecialty.


As above, you can do fellowships in ALL of the surgical specialties/subspecialties in oncology (including gyencology) if you prefer the surgical route vs. radiation/chemotherapy.


Recently, I found out that you can do an R3 year in family medicine at the University of Ottawa in medical oncology! and actually practice as a medical oncologist (vs. going through 3 years of internal first). Sounds like another ER kinda thing that is only available in Ottawa currently, but probably will flourish across the country if it works out well.

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GP --> extra one year for GP-oncology


Surgery ---> extra 1-3 years for surg onc


Gyne --> 1-2 year fellowship for gyne onc


Internal medicine --> med onc; 3-4 years, then 2 year fellowship;


Peds --> Peds heme/ onc; 3-4 years general pediatrics, then 2 year fellowship


5 years of rad onc.

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