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I would like to have informations on the courses we can choose to take as Med-P students.


First, I was planning on taking Maths/Stats (MATH 323 - Probability + MATH 324 - Statistics), but a friend of mine told me it was a hard course, nothing compared to CEGEP's Calcul I, II, III. He then suggested the Physiology courses (PHGY 209 - Mammalian Physiology 1 + PHGY 210 - Mammalian Physiology 2)


Question 1 : Did he make a good suggestion and is the math course really hard?


Second, we can choose courses from specific departments. I was planning on taking some language courses because I will be volunteering abroad next summer. Perhaps, the restriction says that the course have to be taken in specific departments (Histoire de l'art et Études en Communication, les classiques, littérature, musique, langues, philosophie, études religieuses).


Question 2 : Can I take Introduction to Spanish (HISP 210/218) as one of my courses as a Med-P?


Question 3 : Hispanic Studies, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, etc. Are we allowed to take courses from these departments?


Question 4 : What would you suggest NOT to take.


I know all courses are about the same but I am looking to take some courses that I will enjoy and that will be easier because I want to dedicate time to EC's.



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I took 323 and it was one of the easiest courses I've ever taken. It was in the summer mind you though, so that might have made it a bit easier. However, I'm incredibly glad I took it. Probability and Stats is incredibly important for the practice of medicine. Take what you want and what you think is important. You just need a B+ right? If you don't mind math, I don't think you'll have a problem.

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