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multiple mcats


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so taking the mcats a few times isnt regarded negatively in canada..is this the same in the US? and do most schools take the best score or the most recent score?


ps. with a gpa of 3.7ish what kind of mcat score is needed to get into a mid-tier school??


I think it's the same in the US... The main difference regarding MCATs in the US is that most of the schools won't look at an MCAT that is older than 3 yrs.


You should aim for a balanced MCAT around 33 for the mid-tier schools.

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I'm sure this has been asked somewhere, but for US med schools, if the mcat is written more than once, does the school take the average of your mcat score, your best mcat score, or your most recent mcat score? To me this is not clear on most US med websites. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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