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Is this how Rural I am?

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Interested in knowing how rural you are?


In an e-mail reply regarding the context section of their application, a rurality index was discussed.


A little searching revealed the OMA has established quite the complex rurality index used widely for determining just how rural some places are. I would hazard a guess that this is the rurality index NOSM was referring to. However, outside of Ontario I'm not sure what they would use.


https://www.oma.org/Custom1/nlp/nlpwf003.aspx (type in your postal code to check your own rurality)


https://www.oma.org/shortage/Data/00rurality.asp (explanation of how rurality is calculated)


Hope this is interesting for some.

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So freakin' rural that my postal code (from where I grew up and from where I currently live) are not listed on their maps. Ha. (Note: this is b/c I'm in another province).


I know I'm rural enough--the criteria for being in a "small" place for NOSM of <5000peeps...there are less than 550 in this town and I grew up in a place where there were 51families in total.


You have to travel 4hrs to deliver babies :) I'd like them to try and argue that I'm not rural.

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Thanks for the awesome post.


I have been known to compose hip-hop tunes about my rurality. For this to occur, the magic potion is more than one Stella Artois.


On a serious note, last summer I found a very interesting report along the same lines. In addition, it used population density to determine how rural, remote, etc. a community was.


No matter how 'rural' you are though, NOSM does seem to give a bigger preference to applicants from Northern Ontario. Of course, that all ties back to the school's mandate.


Good luck to all the NOSM applicants this cycle. :)

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