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Anybody know how to put this in your postsecondary studies info?

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I graduated with an engineering degree from UofT. I completed it with the professional experience year internship (1 year). For formality purposes, the course code they give it is PEY500Y1.


My question is in the postsecondary sketch, I listed all my years at UofT. The problem arises when I have to fill info for that internship year. There is no credit value nor is there any grade assigned. If I don't put any information, OMSAS will express an error and not let me submit. Should I just put 1 credit, "pass"? Would UT think I didn't do a full course load and disqualify me from the weighing formula, or would they look at my transcript and see otherwise.


Has anybody encountered this situation? I was so ready to submit until I got hit with that error message!

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