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Free $95-100 (not spam!)

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Hey all,


This is completely off topic, but seeing as we're all starving college students, here's a quick way to earn $95-100. I figured some of you might be interested, so I'll share.




You must be a BC resident. It works--I did it on Thursday morning and the funds were direct deposited back to my bank account on Friday. If you use credit card to pay the initial $100 cash deposit, you'll be charged a cash advance fee--if you use Interac Online, there's no fee. Playing two rounds of Baccarat with $50 on dealer and $50 on player will ensure you at minimum $95 profit.


If you think it's a scam (I did at first), check out the stories in the Vancouver Sun and on CBC News.






I wouldn't call it a "glitch" as the Vancouver Sun has, but an unfortunate consequence of an ill thought out marketing ploy. Or perhaps it's clever--a lot of free press and buzz--and maybe most players stay and blow their original $100 as well. In any case, I've got my cellphone bill covered for the next 2-3 months. :P


I consider this my HST rebate. :P

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I got the money in my account yesterday, paid the $100 back on to my credit card. Now to go spend the $97.50.


My husband also did it but for some reason they didn't deduct the $2.50 charge from him, he got a nice round $100.


There's only $2.50 commission if dealer wins--if player wins, there's no commission.


Glad to see people made use of this! :P

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