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Help Me Pay Off My Med Schoool Dept!!! :)


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How do we know you actually have med school debt and that you're not just enticing us to help you get free money? Otherwise, what do we get in return.


If I knew for sure that you were trying to pay off debt, I would help you.


I hear ya. I bet there are a lot of people who try to scam votes for contests from random message boards. But in terms of proof .... hmmmm, well, I'm not too sure how to prove it to you.


Okay, I got it - if you vote for me you will get excellent call-karma, you'll always get a call-room, and your senors won't stick you with a bunch of scut-work. Yep, that's my guarantee ;)


Please vote :)http://www.writetheend.ca/en/gallery/A/12635/

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