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should I give up?

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do well in 4th year, and take a full course load

write the mcat, and do well, especially on verbal

try to build your ECs in the process

then apply, and see what happens... there's no reason to 'forget about it' if it's what you've wanted to do your entire life... you're fine, just make yourself competitive

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What is the reason you don't have a full course load? How many courses do you have/ semester?


Sometimes, when you have a compelling reason why I think you can get by... and when you say not a full course load, it's cuz you didn't have 5 classes, right? But did you have 4 classes and played on the school's soccer team for example or worked 35hrs/ wk + on your research internship/scholarship and can have your supervisor vouch for this?


You have a solid background (ECs included), try to be creative and think of why you are missing what you're missing and then look for solutions or ways around them. You can always find solutions, but thinking about giving up isn't gonna get you anywhere ;)




^ I don't have strong ECs...or so I think? and full course load in only 1 year..which would eliminate some of the easier schools like uofC and western


@mattg...I am in fourth year and had to drop a course so will be finishing up in the summer

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hi guys,


so I dont want to make this a do I have a chance post...but frankly I am pretty hopeless at this point and thinking I should stop even considering going into medicine...even though I have wanted to do this all my life..so any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!!!


my gpa: 1st year: 3.89, 2nd: 3.93, 3rd: 3.7 (the downside: I only have one year with full course load (1st), rest include summer)


1st year summer: worked for the govt at Scientific research & experimental development (CRA)

2nd summer: NSERC research project

during 3rd and 4th year nov-february: research internship/scholarship at the same lab as NSERC...however no significant findings

mentoring a high school student since 4 years, mentor for chem at my uni for 1 year, volunteer at hospital (pediatrics): 3 years


...is it any good? I see all the spectacular ECs on this site...and makes me wonder if I will ever have any chance...in 1 year maybe? or should I just forget about it..considering every school is so competitive :((



no reason to give up. you are still in the game. Many people have contributed to suggestions....so I say DO IT! DO NOT GIVE UP!

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my advice would be to write the mcat this summer and apply in the upcoming cycle, and do a 5th year (but only if you are confident you will keep a full course load and do well)... right now, assuming a good mcat score, your best chance in canada would be queens and mac (with a good verbal score)... you won't meet the ottawa cutoff, aren't eligible for western, and very unlikely for UofT with all of those dropped courses (imo)... if you were to do another full course load year, and did well, provided a solid mcat, you would open up the possibility of Western as well as the OOP schools that look at best 2 full years, and even possibly Ottawa if you did very well (i.e. near 4.0)...


a lot of people probably wouldn't agree with this advice, but what I'm saying is conditional on getting a good MCAT score this summer... look at it this way, if you got a 11 11 11 R on the MCAT, wouldn't taking an extra year be worth it if not just for a guaranteed Western interview alone (which comes with a near 50/50 chance of getting in)?... plus the OOP schools, and possibly Ottawa like i mentioned


if you don't do another year, then you will never have a chance at Western, Ottawa, a lot of OOP schools, and are just narrowing your scope... of course, you could always get into Mac or Queens with your marks as they stand... but if you're deciding between doing another year of UG vs. doing a masters or something, i would definitely do another year because of the doors it opens


also, i would try to build my resume/application a bit with the extra year as well


note: I'm not 100% sure that Western / the OOP schools will consider a 5th year though, so i guess look into that

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that's what i would do, but other people may have a different opinion... although, you have to make sure you maintain a full course load (and do well), otherwise it is essentially a wasted year


it all depends on what you want to do... regardless, the most important thing right now is that you do well on the mcat

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