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Interview tips for Saba and Ross

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I can say for Saba the objective of the interview is to make sure they take in students who are fully informed about all the steps involved to becoming a licensed doctor via attending their school and that they take students who aren't going to be 'surprised' by anything or let down. That means understanding what life on the island will be like, what licensing exams you have to pass, what steps you have to take to get a residency in the US or Canada, that you're aware of return of service agreements, how getting a visa works etc. Since you are probably required to travel around the US for your rotations, they also want to make sure you're aware of this ahead of time and OK with it.


Lastly they just want to make sure you're a decent person who is professional and mature and will represent the school well in clerkship and beyond. The interview is very relaxed overall and is mostly a conversation to get to know you better. They will probably ask you a few questions about your background, why you want to be a doctor and the usual interview questions.


Most of this has been discussed extensively on ValueMD, so go there for more information.

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