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Moving to the US after completing a DDS in Canada

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Hey guys, I was wondering - if I completed my DDS degree in Canada but wanted to move to the States after, do know how easy/difficult it is to get a job there? Do they prefer students who graduated from States? Also I was wondering the same things about specializations and residency program?


I am also guessing that they will ask you to take the national board exams correct?


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I would say it depends on where you want to work - if you want to be in an urban center, your chances of finding a decent job are likely not that great.


You also have to write the NBDE Part I and II, as well as the regional board exam for the region that you want to work in - NERBs, WREBs, etc - these exams have a written and clinical component (for the clinical you would have to find patients to complete various procedures on or pay to have a company find patients for you).


For specialty and residency programs, it all depends on the program and whether they have a preference for US graduates. Some programs will have a preference for applicants from the state that the program is located, as these applicants are likely to practice in that state after completing the program. If you're considering a GPR, there are lots of programs in NY with lots of spots.


To apply to specialty and residency programs you need to have written NBDE Part I and if you are accepted or match into a program, then you will likely have to write NBDE Part II before starting the program.

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