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1. So I took a full year course last year in the summer on a letter of permission. However, I did really badly in the course and will be taking the course again this summer.


When I spoke to my counsellor she said that my home university would remove that mark completely and replace it with the new one on the transcript, of course indicating it as a repeat.


I know most schools in the Canada do not look at your summer grades; however, since I will be starting to the full year course in August (earliest possible) I will be going over the usual "summer" months- so how will this play into my cGPA?


Will both marks be averaged?

Will the schools only look at the new one since it is within the usual academic year?

OR will they ignore it all together?


2. I wanted to also repeat a 0.5 course that I took last semester - now this was taken through the academic year; if I redo this course as an additional online course in my regular full timetable next year- how will that pan out?



Thanks :)

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