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Hey Guys,


I was just wondering if their was any weighting/dropping of courses in the GPA formula. Or do they drop the lowest course year?? In lieu of OOP cutoff this year >3.9 to apply, would they still look at a student who has 1st year ~3.6, but has the last 2 years >3.9? Could I compensate for my GPA in any manner with a high MCAT score?



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"The following pertains to the Fall 2010 entry and is presented simply for reference. They do not offer any predictive validity.


* Number of applicants: 599

* Number of interviewed candidates: 30

* Lowest GPA of interviewed candidates: 3.64

* Average GPA of interviewed candidates: 3.92

* Average MCAT score (numerical) of interviewed candidates: 36.9"




I don't think they are that rigid regarding GPA. The major cutoff is due to the personal narrative+abstract and CV+Highlights. Also, the MCAT is no longer required, but you can chose to submit it. If it is very good, it might help you, but if not, just don't submit it.

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