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I don't have any resources handy atm, but check out the books that Human Kinetics puts out. They have a lot of great resources, and tons of books on exercise physiology. http://www.humankinetics.com/


Here is their list of biochemistry of exercise books:



When I get home I can provide names of some of the books I have.

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In my opinion, the best book available for this is by George Brooks, I think the 2006 or 2005 edition...whichever year it is, it's an all black cover with gold writing and I think the title is called Exercise Physiology: Human Bioenergetics and it's Applications. It is very comprehensive; don't even bother highlighting because every word is important. It covers everything from metabolism to respiration to endocrine control to heart physiology to drug effects - mostly in an adaptation to exercise context, but some disease stuff is mentioned as well. Also, nothing in the book is at a basic level so I wouldn't really categorize it as leisure reading material. Everything is very molecular, so can be difficult to follow if you're not used to that sort of stuff.


If you're looking for just the basics, a bit of detail, and a book not written like anmassive journal paper, any general kinesiology textbook can give you a very good account of everything in the Brooks book above, but just not as detailed down to the molecular level, and without spending much time on discussing the studies that found the results. The Kin book will just give the results without describing the study, which is good if you're a first-time sports physiology reader. For an all-inclusive Kin textbook, go for "Physiology of Sport and Exercise" by Jack Wilmore, Costill & Kenny.

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