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This is for AMCAS 2011.


After you enter the reference letter info, there should be a section that allows you to print reference letter request form. Not sure if AMCAS 2012 changed it. Also AMCAS 2012 doesnt open until May 1, so dont worry until then. Just give your potential referees a heads up

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I'm trying to look for the reference letter form to send it to AMCAS.


But i'm having trouble finding a form. Can anyone post a form or tell me where to find them?


thanks a lot!


It's nice you're getting a head start on the application.For reference forms, there are not available outside the AMCAS application. Once AMCAS opens, which I believe is in early May, you will have to fill out each section. The reference forms will be generated in one of these sections. Basically you input the referee information and AMCAS generates a form with those information included. On that form, you will have your AMCAS number and another barcode number, which you'll referees will have to use to upload there letters on AMCAS.


So I guess the short answer would be you are not likely going to find the form floating around, and it will be in your application once you begin. As a side note, I highly recommend that you read the AMCAS instruction booklet as it will probably answer most of your questions. Best of luck!

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