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UWO Dentistry - any advice?

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Hi everyone, I'm currently a 4th year student at Queen's University who have an interview for UWO coming up in April. At this point, this is where I stand...


GPA Best 2 Years: 86%

AA: 18


I won't be graduating this year since I have withdrawed from my 4th year (therefore, my marks won't change from above) due to personal/family reasons.


Realistically speaking.. what are my chances? Where do I stand with everyone else? Do I even have a chance of getting accepted this year?


Any input would be greatly appreciated... Thank you and good luck everyone!

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Based on last year's averages:


GPA - 88.X% (best 2 years)

AA - 20


You are a bit under the average of applicants. That being said, you are also considered applying as a 3rd year, meaning that applicants with a degree will have an advantage over you.


You obviously still have a chance since you at least got an interview, but you will need to do exceptionally well on the interview to be admitted.


Don't give up though and good luck :)

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Thank you for the prompt reply!


One more question... I'm guessing many applicants stand within 86.0-88.0%range?


I am currently at 86% and 19 AA (with honours degree) but since they take best 2 years including the present one I will (if I keep my current academic pace) go up to 89-90%.


I would agree that you would have to nail the interview to have a chance of admission in your case.

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I think the safe number for this year is 89% GPA, 20 AA and a degree.


Now, if you do exceptionally well on the interview ( which I think most of us will not do) or have a master or did honors degree , then I guess you can have less than 89% and 20 AA and still get admitted.

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