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repeating first year

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Im a first year student in UWO for biomed sci...basically alot of tragic events have happened in my life which have made it impossible to study for school. I am failing all my courses and haven't written some exams..

My guidance councellor told me I could repeat first year if the university allows me too...What are my other options? I know I am capable of getting atleast a 3.7 or 3.9 GPA if i am given another chance.

I plan on doing summer courses in York too.


Can anyone tell me if medical schools will count my first year screw up in my GPA? and If i was to finish my degree in five years instead of four...how is gpa going to be calculated?

I know I have little or no chance for most canadian med schools but I am willing to apply to USA, ireland, australia and caribbean...


thanks for helping

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You don't have "little to no chance" in Canada. If you repeat your first year, you'll have some trouble at the schools that look at everything, but a lot of the two year schools (Western, Queens, Dal), or some schools that have weighting policies (Ottawa) or let you drop some classes from your GPA (Manitoba).


This of course is all dependant on doing well in your later years. So, if you repeat 1st year, and then have solid 2nd/3rd/4th years, and do well on the MCAT, there are a few Canadian schools you'd have a solid shot at!

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my question is that if i repeat my first year next year...then do med schools see the failed courses on the transcript? and does it add to cgpa


Yes they will see it, and it will affect your cGPA, but for the schools that only look at your best two years etc. they won't care what happened in that bombed first year.


For instance, I took 5 years to finish undergrad, and bombed the first two years. My overall cGPA sat at 3.61 or 3.62, but as far as Dal/Western were concerned, my GPA was 3.9, because that's what I had in my last two years.


So they had my transcripts with all those bad marks on them, but they did not care because their policy is that only the last two years matter. Or in Western's case, the best two years.


You're just going to have a hard time bringing your cGPA up enough for certain Canadian schools, but you definitely still have options in Canada.

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