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Question Regarding "Full Course Load" Requirements

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Hey guys,


Just had my interview at U of O this weekend and and still worrying about one thing- the "full course load" requirement for Ottawa.


Here's the scenario:


I did 9 courses in first year (September to April), then one in the summer (total 10 for first year).

Then second year I did a total of nine courses.

Third year I did a total of 10 courses.

I am in fourth year, and did five courses first semester, and could only get four courses this semester. I will be doing one course that runs May-June 1st (its a condensed class, three hours of lecture a day) so my transcripts with all my courses this year would be in well before the June 30th deadline.


I am terrified that Ottawa won't accept this for the course requirement... If I am lucky enough to get an offer of admission come May, do you think this will be okay?

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I sincerely hope so too!!


I wouldnt see why not- I am clearly capable of doing full course loads, and will technically have "full" course load requirements before when transcripts are due on June 30th... just worried they might think that the May-June course would be "summer"...


Ahhh well, hope it all works out (for the both of us :) )

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Isn't the "full course load" at UOttawa 4 full-yr courses?


If you make up the missing credit in the summer it looks like you're good to go...


"A full-time academic year where the equivalent of four (4) full-year courses is taken is accepted and counted in the WGPA calculation only if the missing course/credit is completed either as an additional course within another academic year or as a summer course. Individual courses taken during a summer session are accepted for the credit value in this instance however the mark obtained is not counted in the calculation of the WGPA. Any year with less than four full-year courses will not count as a full-time year of study. A full-time summer semester does not replace a semester of studies within an academic year."

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