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Living alone vs Shared Apartment

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What is best during Med-1: to live alone or to rent an apartment with friends?


Thanks for your input!


If the real world is anything like tv... I'd say living with friends would be the bestest. Grey's Anatomy know what's up!


I'd have to say that if you are going to live with friends, they should either be doing something similar (working a lot, going to school or in med school) or not put you in a situation where you will have to choose them over studying.


I'd say that would be more likely to apply to living with a significant other, but I've also seen some pretty needy friends!

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I agree with Renin (and lol!). I've done both throughout undergrad and beyond. I personally prefer living alone, but of course there's a certain financial threshold beyond which I'd get a roommate. If you don't have any experience living outside of your parents' home and money is not a major consideration, then maybe ask yourself the following:


1) Are you the type of person who recharges from socializing with others or from being alone and resting quietly? (if you are the latter, you may be better off living alone!)


2) Would you be ok with other people handling and possibly wrecking your stuff? What about having to spend lots of money on shared stuff when your roommate consistently avoids paying for any shared items? I've known people to have complete fall-outs over toilet paper


3) Are you extremely clean or very messy? (either type is probably best living alone)

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