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Physics at Ryerson

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I need to take physics for medical school requirements. Ryerson is the closest university to me. I noticed however that Ryerson is not offering the Physics for Life Sciences I and II anymore. The only ones they are offering is:


PCS 110 Physics

Units and vectors. Motion: linear, projectile, circular and oscillatory motion. Newton's laws: Force, mass and acceleration; work, energy and power; linear and angular momentum. Electrostatics: Electric force and field; potential and potential energy; capacitance. Electric current and DC circuits. Magnetic field and force: magnetic force on currents and charges; Hall effect; torque on current loops; Waves: classification of waves; energy transfer; light and electromagnetic waves; diffraction and interference. MAPLE used for simulation/visualization of physical phenomena and problem solving.


Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.

Course Weight: 1.00

Billing Units: 1



PCS 120 Physics I

A calculus based course covering fundamental physics concepts: units, vectors, linear motion, circular motion, force and motion, work and energy, collisions, gravitation, electrostatics, capacitance, and simple DC circuits.


Tut: 1 hr./Lect: 4 hrs.

Course Weight: 1.00

Billing Units: 1



PCS 130 Physics II

A continuation of Physics I, calculus-based course. An introduction to oscillations, mechanical waves, magnetism, electromagnetism, optics and nuclear physics. The laboratory is an essential and autonomous part of the course.


Tut: 1 hr./Lect: 4 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.

Prerequisite: PCS 120, Antirequisite: SCI 104

Course Weight: 1.00

Billing Units: 1



I could take Physics I and II however you'll notice that Physics I does not have a lab component.


Also to anyone who goes to Ryerson, what does course weight 1.00 mean? I noticed that courses with 1.00 are only a semester long. I am confused at this weighing system. Perhaps someone from Ryerson can illuminate me?

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