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Hey guys...

I'm planning on applying to American schools this summer, but I'm not sure which ones I would be competitive at with my grades/MCAT. I'd like to live somewhere in the west/southcentral, and was thinking Colorado U because they do accept some international applicants...Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You MCAT is low for international but your gpa may save you.

I would apply to:


mid tier:

1- Case Western

2- BU

3- UMaryland

4- UVA

5- Einstein

6- NYU

7- Sinai (escrow policy)



Low-mid tier:


1- VCU


3- SLU (beware of escrow policy)

4- NYMC (beware of escrow policy)

5- SUNY Upstate

6- Georgia State

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Quoting EVMS website


"Beginning with the 2012 entering class only U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.will be consiered for admission."


OP, with your stats, I would give Canadian schools a go. You should be able to get into a Canadian school with your GPA, save yourself 200k in debt

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EVMS does accept Canadians. For one, I was accepted there this year. There is no indication on their website that they don't.


I was accepted too, but I think one current PM101er who goes to EVMS confirmed that they've changed the admission process.

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