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Just some thoughts please...

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I'm currently finishing off my 4th yr at UofT (downtown) and although I've been leaning towards going to the states due to my sub-standard GPA, I wondering if I have a reasonable chance at Canadian dental schools.


Here's some relavent information about myself and any advice would be appreciated:

cGPA: ~3.5

DAT: 25(BIO) ; 25(RC) ; 25(GC) ; 25(AA) ; 23(PAT) ; and 16(Carving)

I have a Vancouver home address and I'm just here in Toronto for uni.

I heard that I might be considered as "in province" for UBC.. but not sure...



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3.7 is not good enough for ONT schools so your best bet is UBC since you are BC residence.


Do the following:


1) Convert your marks to %ages ( I don't know the conversion chart for UBC)


2) Drop your worst year


3) Get the average of all the other 3 years


then look at UBC website. They have the statistical data for their admitted classes for past 10 years. Look at the BC residence. I think if you have an 81%, then with your amazing DAT you are IN .


If you have less than that, Don't bother. Apply to US with you amazing AA and PAT, apply to UOP.

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