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Lots of MCAT Stuff!!!

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Hey all,


Looking to sell all of my Princeton stuff. I just enrolled in the course and found out I got off waitlist, so it is very lightly used (3 weeks of use). Did about the first 3 chapters or so in most subjects (highlighting) and did all of my work in pencil. I can take pictures of the pages to give you an idea if you like.


Princeton: Biology, Chemistry, Verbal & Writing, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Physics, Verbal Workbook, In-class compendium, Science Workbook


Asking for $150. I live outside of GTA but may be able to deliver depending on where you live. If not, maybe meet somewhere half way or something? Send me a PM or reply to thread if you're interested.


I might have more stuff as I dig around so check back on this thread!

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