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Brand new 2011 Kaplan MCAT resources for sale


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Absolutely brand new 2011 Kaplan MCAT books and other resources, never used. Offer includes:


Physics Review Notes

Biology Review Notes

Verbal Reasoning Review Notes

General Chemistry Review Notes

Organic Chemistry Review Notes

MCAT flashcards

MCAT laminated quicksheets (complete package)


Everything is still in the original box and packaging. I am asking $380, because that is the going rate according to people I've spoken to. There is no way to buy these resources from Kaplan without purchasing an MCAT course for $2000. Please email me at groupongroupon123@gmail.com for more information.


These books are the absolute best way to study for the MCAT. Kaplan's resources were completely revamped last year, and now the review notes are in colour with the images contributed by Scientific American. Don't waste your time with needless information - these books focus on high yield topics that are most likely to come up on the MCAT.

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