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Aug 23 MCAT! how scared are you?


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just finished my last practice test #11 (which I found to be really hard), but planning to relax for the next 2 days, and hope to keep my mind fresh for Tuesday...just want to get this over with!!


Scared but there is always next year!

Just want to get this over with though.


I'm going to review the content material today and tomorrow, and take Monday off fully.


What's your plan for the next 2.5 days?

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honestly by now u must have done a bunch of tests, so doing one more isnt going to make or break your score....might as well relax or do some light review and keep urself fresh for the big day (atleast thats what ill be doing)


Im writing 23rd as well. wrote 11 today and thought the bio was rediculus but finished with 30 overall. Dont know if I should do Aamc 10 tomorrow or just review? what are you guys thinking?
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Yeah I wrote AAMC 10 yesterday and it was a bit demoralizing... I ran into timing issues because I was like "If I think harder on these passages, I'll supersede my 32 that I got a few times these past 2 weeks". NOPE! My score went down to 29 because I was obsessing and not managing time well. I REALLY hope I don't do this on Tuesday because I will have wasted an entire 2 months prepping like mad. I've been happy with my scores, but I'm not sure what to do to keep them up and not get overly anxious so that my scores go down on the real thing. Ideas??


I know that rest and eating properly (not too much dessert! My pitfall which causes loss of focus and concentration) are majorly key for keeping a sort of emotional and mental buoyancy necessary to score well on the MCAT. I suggest this to everyone!!


I'm going to do one Kaplan verbal test today to reassure myself (my score dropped to a 9 on AAMC 10 yesterday *&%$) and do some review today. Tomorrow, I'm taking the ferry to Victoria where my MCAT is and trying to stay confident... Realistically, I'll be staring at my formula sheet from time to time as well! :)

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Did anyone receive a confirmation e-mail from AAMC yet? Are we supposed to receive one before the exam?


I got an e-mail titled "Important Information About Your Confirmed MCAT Registration"on July 26. The e-mail just explained about the last day to cancel the exam, rescheduling it, etc.


BTW..how early do we need to be at the testing centre? Would being there half an hour early be enough?

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