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Last Stupid Thread (*pinky swear*)

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Ok so im going to grd 12 in a week


want to know if i should:


take grade 11 and 12 chem (fit it in my schedule), it will bring my mark down, and id have to take some night courses.


ACE bio, physics, and the other grade 12 prereq as i already have the grd 11 pre requisites for them. (id have to find something else to replace Chem).



Do you think not taking chem isn't worth it?


Is taking chem in uni for the first time very hard on you?


Thanks, and sorry for the double thread..

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When you get into university, you will discover the most important asset you can bring with you is work ethic - not high grades. You are far better of going to a no-name university than to one that has so-called prestige where you will find it exceedingly hard to maintain/achieve a high GPA.


So, my advice is to take the harder path now, seek out challenges and not the easy road, once in university, your h.s. grades become irrelevant and give no indication whatsoever as to how you will do in university. Should you not apply or get into U/T, you will be doing yourself a big favour, but we can discuss later in the year on this public forum or by PM, where you should go for undergrad.

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