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f_d is pretty reputable.


However :D aaronjw :P - our preaching non-trad older premed - would share another opinion. :) as appears from his comments about me this evening. ;)


Always verify the verifier to get to the truth, lol. I consider JamesNixon very reputable and a very good guy for this forum!


Virtually anybody on my signature list can give objective comments on essays.

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Sharing your essay is taking a leap of faith into the ability and integrity of a stranger whom you may or not be able to judge based upon their posts and/or recommendations of members.


We all need to start somewhere and way back, with intgegrity and confidentiality, I edited my first essay. Moreover, I was doing it while a premed which was fully disclosed. I have probably edited 150 essays, this does not necessarily make me better, but does make my work more efficient in the time necessary to devote for a thorough job.


I would think those on my signature list and many more can do a good job. Our only puppose to pay forward and to help the next generation(s) of applicants to the best of our abilities. I received such help on this forum and assume that many receipients will help others in the future.

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