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Describing a publication in sketch

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I've done some searching on this forum already, but I was hoping some one could help answer some questions on entering publications. I got a publication from doing paid research, and I'm not sure how to enter it.


For Type of Publication, do we simply list "Paper"? Or should we put the name of the Journal, etc. There's a 100 character limit, so I feel like I should put more characters in.


For My Role, would it be my role in writing that publication, or the research that I actually did for the publication?


Also, did anyone list the other authors of the publication, or mention whether they were a 1st author?



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I remember agonizing over this!


I wouldn't worry about the other authors, except maybe your PI/supervisor if that hasn't come up anywhere else in your sketch.


I put a lot more than 'paper'. Usually it was something like 'complete basic science project in prestigious journal' or something like that that would fit and was the most positive spin on my work.


For my role, I would look at the skills the schools are looking for if these are on the websites. Then I would say try to speak directly to those skills. 'Performed critical thinking through troubleshooting & composed manuscript with collaborators.' or something to that effect. I have no idea how much space those take up, so if my suggestions are way too long, sorry.


Best of luck!

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