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I'm a life sciences student from UBC and I was wondering if Laval Med accepts many Anglophones?


ps. I am conversationally fluent in french but obviously not my first language.


If you're not a Quebec resident, your chances are slim.

I know they make a French proficiency test, and if you fail it, you will have to do French courses.

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So? they'll still probably practice in the same country. Quebec has a very high retention rate because of the language barrier, something that cannot be said for other provinces.


Why should the government give a spot in a program of very limited enrollement to someone who will not serve the province?

Besides, very few OOP Anglophones will apply to a French school, so French schools don't see the need of reserving a place for them.

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I think there's only 3 at UdeM, or something small like that.




No. 15 Q

I am a Canadian citizen but not resident in Quebec, am I admissable to the medicine program at Univ of Montreal?



Yes, you are admissable in two categories. If you are entitled to the conditions of the entente between the govt of Quebec and and the governments of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island or if you have qualified as a francophone candidate resding in a Canadian province where medical studies are not offered in French. Please take note that the faculty actually makes available 3 places in the first category and one place in the second category.



You have zero chance to obtain a seat in UDEM medical school even with a 4.0 GPA b/c you are not a francophone living in another province!


And even if they did not, you would need to pass on the high level required a difficult French written exam, but you don't even have this option. As a non-francophone student living out West, you have no chance whatsoever at Quebec French schools.


See http://www.usherbrooke.ca/doctorat-medecine/admission/contingent-de-louest-canadien/


Canadian citizens residing in B.C., Alb, Sask, Manitoba and the Territories include:


Group 1: student whose mother's or father's maternal language is French and who is capable of speaking fluent French. The candidate must prove competency in French.


Group 2: must have studied in French in high school and such school must attest to the competency in French of the candidate.


Group 3: speak fluently in French and must prove this.


MEANING AS I SEE IT: Sherbrooke gives the best chance (b/c of Group 3) in the smallest possible pool.


Contingent de l'Ouest canadien


Les personnes de ce contingent ont la citoyenneté canadienne (ou le statut de résident permanent du Canada) à la date limite fixée pour le dépôt de la demande d’admission. Elles ont fait la preuve de résider en Colombie-Britannique, en Alberta, en Saskatchewan, au Manitoba ou dans les Territoires. Ces personnes sont incluses dans au moins un des groupes suivants :


Groupe 1 : être fils (ou fille) d’une mère ou d’un père dont la langue maternelle est le français, ainsi que confirmer que lui-même (ou elle-même) est capable de parler couramment le français. Pour permettre à la Faculté de statuer sur son admissibilité, il se pourrait que le candidat ait à faire la preuve de sa compétence linguistique en français.


Groupe 2 : avoir suivi sa formation postsecondaire en français. Pour statuer sur l’admissibilité du candidat, il se pourrait que la Faculté demande à l’institution où la formation postsecondaire a été acquise d’attester de la compétence linguistique en français du candidat.


Groupe 3 : parler couramment le français. Pour permettre à la Faculté de statuer sur son admissibilité, il se pourrait que le candidat ait à faire la preuve de sa compétence linguistique en français.

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