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5th year or research lab??


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Hi everyone,

I am trying to decide whether to do a 5th year or work in a clinical research lab and get about 5/6 publications. I just graduated and my scores are not stellar. I got one US interview last year at Minnesota but that was about it. Here is my profile.



GPA: (not OMSAS) 1st year: 3.69, 2nd year: 3.82 (only 4.5/5 courses), 3rd year: 3.79, 4th year: 3.54 (Without English= 3.8gpa :(


MCAT: 34R (13, 13, 8 for VR- tough luck..I am hoping to re-write the MCATs next year)


Decent extra-curriculars:

Hopefully 2/3 clinical research publications

leadership award

sports in high school

club director

clinical volunteering locally and abroad

3 research assistant positions


Some say I shouldn't do a 5th year. Others say that then I could also apply to queens and Western...what are your thoughts?


Thanks a lot!! :D

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i wouldn't bother doing a 5th year, u of t drops your lowest year anyways, and you don't really have a terrible year, plus your two best years r prob good for western and queens... i'd get a job/do research/get a work visa and live in another country/ do a semester abroad/apply for a masters (research or professional, mph - epidemiology, physiotherapy, or anything else you find interesting (you can be both a physiotherapist/respiratory therapist etc. and a doctor as well)... i would re-write the mcat though, improving the verbal will help at queens/western/mac


actually, take that back, you're kind of borderline for queens/western, maybe you wanna take an extra year, but they wont count your current year so it'll be 2 years b4 u c results

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yeah, you're right, i didn't see the 4.5 credits... that really sucks... his 1st and third combined are good for western though right, or do they each have to be over 3.7?


They don't have 2 years at 30 credits over 3.7 for Western so thats out, Queens is last 2, not best 2, so thats out as well, they had one year at less than 30 credits so no weighting for U of T and their GPA is too low without it- out, GPA too low for Ottawa as well. Mac and Calg are nearly impossible with an 8 in VR.


So basically, unless the OP has IP status somewhere, they are looking at doing another year or two, and will 100% have to rewrite the MCAT.


Wouldn't do a Masters in this case, it only helps if you're a borderline applicant...which you aren't at this point GPA-wise.

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Move to AB. Work in a lab*. Get IP. Apply at UofA and UofC. Better chance than ON alone.





*Make sure if you move to AB and want IP status at the UofA, make sure you aren't taking an extra year, or doing course work or you'll be considered a "visiting" student and not IP.

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