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Question about current Dentistry students

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I can't stop wondering myself some of these questions.


1. (For most schools) 3rd and (mostly) 4th year of their dentistry program will be spent in actual clinics instead of studing textbooks. (Am i correct?)

So while you work, Do you get paid? or Do you pay to get an internship?


2. Say you want to specialize in orthodontics. Some universities require certain GPA in dental school and at least 1~2 years of experience as a general dentist.... So when you get into the specialized program, do you have to quit your job? Would it be demanding as undergraduates so that you have no time for other things? Can you make money while doing specialized program for 3 years.........?



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Yes, you do a lot of clinic work in 3rd/4th. Depending on the school there may still be classes and studying in those years (even a lot!). No, you never get paid to do clinic work, you still pay to be there.


A common route to an ortho residency is to do a 1-year hospital dental residency after you graduate dental school. These do pay you, but not a lot. Ortho programs are full time. I have heard of dentists 'moonlighting' evenings and/or weekends during specialty training, but you won't have a full time job.

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