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Anyone have this unnerving experience?


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Alright, so I put all my effort into Verbal and went from a 7 to 11/12 range, consistently, even on most AAMC FL's. I was happy, needless to say!! I need at least a 9 in verbal for every school I'm applying to. Like others on this forum, I then started focussing on PS and suddenly my verbal went down, but then I made it go back up before the test.


Now, when I wrote the test, a very unnerving thing happened - my timing was off, I felt like the passages were SO LONG (Sept. 1st MCAT anyone?) and I was not sure of my answers like I had been for months! It was as if the question stems were quite different from the type I had been practising on in the other AAMC FL's. OUCH. I can't get this sick feeling out of my stomach... I'm not even 'sure' I got a 9! :(


Has anyone written the MCAT, felt the same amount of uncertainty about how they did in verbal, and then looked at their mark and saw they pulled off a 9 or above VR?


At this point, I'm just praying...

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