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TA/lab demonstrator as academic referee?

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Hi everyone,


What does everyone think about asking a TA/lab demonstrator for an academic reference letter? She is a grad student who I worked closely with in a lab for a summer. Would I need my supervisor/professor to co-sign the letter? I haven't really interacted with the supervisor because he was busy and all that, but I was always with the grad student in the lab and learned everything from her.


Also, if she is the only academic referee and I get the other two letters from non-academic referees, would it look bad?


Thanks everyone, really appreciate your help!! :)

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I don't completely understand. Was she your TA? Or was she a grad student in a lab you were working (doing research) in? If it's the latter, then it's fine. What normally happens is you put the profs name on all the forms, the grad student writes the letter basically, and the prof signs it. I normally ask them to make it from the professor only, no co-signing.


Maybe email both of them and ask if something along those lines would be alright with them.


It is the latter. Sorry I don't know what I was thinking when said "TA" haha.


Thanks for your reply, that is a really good idea :) I have a question though.. did you ask the grad student to do the rating as well? It sounds fine to ask the grad student to please write me a letter and get the prof's consent/signature, but is it reasonable to have the grad student tick the boxes as well (top 5%, 10%, those ratings on confidential assessment form) if I want the prof's signature on the form? I really don't know the prof very well and worried that he might choose "unable to judge" or other low ratings!!


Also, is it viewed very negatively if just the grad student (expecting her master's degree, don't have one yet) deals with the whole matter and signs the forms without the prof?


Thanks so much again for your help! :)

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