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2 Quick Questions for Ottawa

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I don't remember about the labs - maybe someone else can help you out with that - but you can definitely take pre-reqs in the year you apply. I did biochem, wrote my exam in May, after acceptances (I think? if not, just before) and just sent them my results when they came in June. As long as you keep them up on what you're doing (....and actually finish and pass the course) you should be fine.

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Hey guys,


Sorry, two quick questions:


1) Can I complete 2 Ottawa pre-reqs in the same year of application? For instance, I'm missing a biochem and a biology credit. Can I do it this year while I apply?


2) I have one anatomy with lab credit. Does the other biology course have to have a lab credit as well?


Many thanks :)


Not sure about the lab component either.(just take one with a lab to be safe or check the md admissions website to confirm) However, u can definitely take the pre reqs during the year of your application.

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