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void or not?


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hi guys


i'm looking for some serious advice about my situation, please help me out!


i had been planning on applying to med school this cycle for the past few years, and had been planning on writing my MCAT in this summer however, due to some horrible family problems, my summer was an absolute mess and my whole life was upside down, due to which i said forget it, i'm not going to write this year. in retrospect i do regret this, because only after i stopped studying did i realize how much i wanted to apply. i started studying hardcore a month ago (on august 10) and signed up to write the MCAT on sept 10.


everything else in my application is ready, GPA, ECs, i just need the MCAT. issue is, i'm just not ready for it. i had not taken chem and physics in years and had to learn everything from scratch. i have made a lot of progress and understand all the material, have a lot of formulas memorized, have tried some (but not too many) passages from the workbooks.


i worked VERY hard on verbal. i did improve a lot in that, however my nemesis has become physics and gen chem, which have taken so long for me to learn and memorize that i had NO time left for practice.


here is the problem i have: i am still signed up to write on the 10th,and i am going to show up for it. i have 2 days left, and am still reviewing material. i became 99% sure i was going to void my test a week ago, however now i am thinking, should i still get it marked for the verbal and apply to mac. and perhaps i will get lucky and also meet the cutoffs for 9/9/9/N for Toronto. i know it will eat away at me because i really do want to apply this cycle. however i am also scared i will get an abysmally low score like a 20M or something and be ashamed of that forever. i know it doesn't count if i am only going to re-write but i am afraid of having that somewhere in my history because even if med schools say they do not care, i think anyone who sees a very bad MCAT score in the past, and is reviewing my file may think, what the hell was he thinking? it may reflect badly and it would be something i could never undo.


what should i do? take the risk and get it scored, even if i am going in there blind, with the chance that i may do well on verbal and can apply to mac, or should i not take the risk and just void and apply next cycle when i have studied properly and have everything ready to go? the only school i will be applying to otherwise would be ottawa. please advise! thank you.

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Unless you are planning to apply to american schools, you don't have that much lose, as most Canadian schools just look at your best or most recent MCAT, if you do horrible you can just rewrite. Even if a school did look at it, you could explain the reason you did so poorly and I'm sure they would understand. I'd say go for it and get it scored.

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well the thing is have you even written a practice test yet? It is hard to estimate how you will do because doing actual mcats is alot different then just studying the material. seeing that you have stopped studying also won't help much.


I think in your case it may just be best to wait until next summer unless your practice tests. It is just one year so use this school year to maybe take a physics/chem course. since you have an understanding of what the MCAT is, you will be more prepared for next summer..


just my 2 cents ;)

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